Building Warranties

Building Warranties: A house under construction, covered in scaffolding and with no windows.
Cover for the cost of repairing structural damage caused by a fault in design, construction or materials of a new build, conversion or completed build project, that may not be apparent at the time of completion.

Daines Kapp have the experience to advise upon and to arrange a competitive Structural Guarantee Insurance product for commercial and residential developments in the UK.

Key Features and benefits of our product:

  • Competitive premiums and fees
  • 50% of the premium payable up front with the balance of the premium payable upon
  • Completion and sign off – Technical Audit fees are payable up front
  • Council of Mortgage Lenders approved (all major UK Lenders)
  • Cover can apply for 10 or 12 years and can include component failure
  • Policy cover written on a first-party basis, hence the homeowner has direct recourse to the
  • Insurance in the event of a defect
  • Completed developments can be insured within 12 months of completion
  • Existing structures can be included
  • Full Technical Audit carried out

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